Programmer's memo

Elegant collaboration of Vim and Ruby (VimConf 2018 CFP; rejected)


Ruby is an elegant programming language. However, Vim's Ruby interface was not elegant unfortunately. But we can find elegant collaboration of Vim and Ruby "now" (note: "now" is Nov. 24th, 2018)! I talk the elegant of the collaboration and how to improve the collaboration.

Self promotion for reviewers

Pocke is a Vimmer and Rubyist. He likes writhing Vim plugin in Ruby with if_ruby. For instance, he creates Iro.vim with if_ruby. And he sends patches for if_ruby.c. You can find the patches from here (Yeah, probably you can find only a few patches, but I'll send more patches until the deadline💪). So his talk about if_ruby will be very interesting. Note: You can see the slide that is for VimConf 2018 (work in progress) from here (work in progress).

文中のスライドは未完成だし、どこかで話す機会があるとしたら大きく内容を変えたいと思っています。 今のままだと「私こんなことやったよすごいでしょ」しか言ってないので、どこを変えたら面白くなるかなーと思っていたけど思いつかないままCFPの期限を迎えてしまったのは少し残念。